Gusto "Impressive hamburger steak course
Special course jointly developed by one-star restaurant "sio

Gusto Special Course Jointly Developed with One-Star Restaurant "sio"

Gusto is pleased to announce the launch of a special course meal, the "Impressive Hamburger Steak Course" jointly developed by Chef Shusaku Toba of sio. This course was jointly developed with Chef Shusaku Toba, owner of "sio," a one-star restaurant in the Michelin Guide Tokyo 2020-2023. In addition, "Truffle-scented Potato Cheese Cream in Impressive Hamburger Steak" and "Children's Lunch" under the supervision of Chef Shusaku Toba will also be available from November 24, 2022 to January 18, 2023.

The "sio Toba Chef's Jointly Developed 'Impressive Hamburger

Steak Course

'" consists of four dishes: appetizer, soup, main dish, and dessert. This is Gusto's first attempt to deliver excitement to many people through a course meal, including the flow of each dish and the taste of the various ingredients combined in a single dish.

The appetizer "Shrimp Salad - Nuts and Fruits" is accented with the sourness of fruit and the texture of nuts.

The soup "Corn Potage with Fried Onions" has a sweetness enhanced by the moderate saltiness added by the fried onions.

The main dish, "Impressive hamburger steak with truffle-scented potato and cheese cream," is made with ground pork from Kyushu's Kurobuta region and is thick, fluffy, and full of juices. The truffle-scented potato and cheese cream is trapped inside the patty, making it one of the thickest patties in Gusto's history. It is also topped with a fried egg.

It is topped with a Japanese demi-glace sauce made of white miso, honey, and soy sauce, which goes well with the Koshihikari rice from Tochigi Prefecture that is served with it. Soft French bread is also available.

Dessert is a glass of shortcake. The dessert is a "glass shortcake," which is light and well-balanced in quantity and acidity, and is a perfect ending to the meal.

In addition, you will receive a message card from Chef Shusaku Toba with his thoughts on the course. The course is priced at 1,869 yen (tax included, same below).

Gusto "sio Toba chef co-developed "Impressive Hamburger Steak Course"".
sio "Impressive Hamburger Course" jointly developed by Chef Toba

sio "Truffle-Scented Potato

Cheese Cream IN

Impressive Hamburger Steak" jointly developed by Chef Toba "Truffle-Scented Potato Cheese Cream IN Impressive Hamburger Steak" jointly developed by Chef Toba will be served as a main dish of the course as a stand-alone item. It can be enjoyed in combination with your favorite set menu or wine. The price is 1,319 yen.

Gusto "sio Toba Chef co-developed "Truffle-scented Potato Cheese Cream IN Impressive Hamburger Steak"".
sio "Truffle-scented Potato Cheese Cream IN Impressive Hamburger Steak" jointly developed by Chef Toba

sio Chef Toba's Children


s Lunch "sio Chef Toba's Children's Lunch" features Gusto's popular "Cheese IN Hamburger Steak" topped with Chef Toba's special demi-glace sauce. This menu is available only for elementary school students and younger. The contents are as follows.

Cheese IN hamburger steak
・Chicken rice
・Oversized fried shrimp with tartar sauce & fried potatoes
・Corn potage - topped with fried onions
・Glass shortcake (served separately)

In addition, a mess coin and drink bar are included. The price is 1,099 yen.

Gusto "sio Toba Chef Supervised 'Children's Lunch'".
sio "Children's Lunch" supervised by Chef Toba