Gusto "Winter Beef" Fair

Gusto "Winter Beef" Fair

The "Winter Beef" fair is being held at Gust from December 9th to mid-March 2022 (sale period planned). The lineup includes "Ichibo Steak," "Hamburger & Ichibo Cut Steak," "Beef Pot (with Soft-boiled Egg Udon)," and "Beef Jjigae (with Soft-boiled Egg Udon)."

Ichibo steak

A steak of "Beef Ichibo", a thick and rare part cut to a thickness of about 20 mm (measured value before firing). The fat is fragrant and the lean is baked to a juicy medium rare finish. The in-store price is 1,242 yen (tax included, same below).

Gust "Ichibo Steak"

Hamburger & Ichibo cut steak

A dish where you can enjoy two meat menus. The cut steak of the rare part "Beef Ichibo" is served in a way that you can enjoy fragrant fat and juicy lean meat together. The in-store price is 999 yen.

Gusto "Hamburg & Ichibo Cut Steak"

Beef sukiyaki (with soft-boiled egg)

A dish that is particular about the soup stock so that you can enjoy stewed beef, Chinese cabbage, eggplant, tofu, and snap peas with eggs. Enjoy entwining eggs while hot. The price is 769 yen in the store and 755 yen for To go.

Gust "Beef sukiyaki (with soft-boiled egg)"
Actually, the ingredients are heated and provided

Beef Jjigae (with soft-boiled egg)

A delicious dish that you can enjoy half-boiled udon noodles. The slightly dry soup, which is particular about making the beef tender, goes well with eggs and vegetables. The price is 899 yen in the store and 882 yen for To go.

Gust "Beef Jjigae (with soft-boiled egg)"

* To go is provided in a special container.
* In the case of To go, the eggs of "Beef Jjigae" will be hot spring eggs.
* You can choose the To go method from "provided in an aluminum pan for a stove (refrigerated), provided in a container for a stove (refrigerated), and provided warm in a store". * The consumption tax rate differs between in-store eating and drinking and To go.
* Sales availability and prices may differ depending on some stores.
* Excluding morning hours (up to 10:30).