Famima Limited Sweets "Nyan Tomo Tasty Cheesecake".


Limited Sweets

"Nyan to tasty cheese cake" is now on sale at FamilyMart. It is a product of the food store "Nekoneko" with a "cat" motif. The price is 220 yen per piece (tax included). The sale will end as soon as they are gone.

Nyan Tomo Tasty


has been a hit on SNS since its release in February 2022 with people saying, "How cute! Since its release in February 2022, "Nyan Tomo Tasty Cheesecake" has been the talk of the town on social networking sites. It is cute and tasty, and its cute, round, palm-sized texture has captured the hearts of cat lovers. The mouth-wateringly smooth texture, creamy flavor, and cute kitty cat are soothing sweets that can be eaten with a spoon. While enjoying the richness of cheese, the refreshing taste of milk gives it a clean finish.

The "Nyan to tasty cheese cake" will be re-launched on November 15, 2022, with the addition of two new kitties. The new additions are Persian kitty and tortoiseshell kitty. Together with "Bree & Moe," the Siamese cat sisters who are the characters of Nekoneko Cheesecake, customers can choose from four different cat package designs.

Once again, the packaging features illustrations by Coony, an illustrator specializing in cats. The adorable package with the cat-lover's face looking at the cheesecake will tickle your cat-loving heart.