Sukiya "Eat Ra Menma Gyudon".

Sukiya "Eat Ra Menma Gyudon", "Spicy Gomadare Eat Ra

Menma Gyudon", "Garlic Eat Ra Menma Gyudon" Sukiya will start selling "Eat Ra Menma Gyudon", "Spicy Gomadare Eat Ra Menma Gyudon" and "Garlic Eat Ra Menma Gyudon" on Wednesday, November 16, at 9:00 a.m. To go is also available. The end date of sales has not yet been determined.


Ra Menma Gyudon "Eat Ra Menma Gyudon" was a big hit in 2010, and in response to many people's requests, the menu has been sold for a limited time every year since 2019. The zingy texture of the eat-rah oil, which is a combination of sesame oil, fragrant fried garlic, and chili peppers, and the crunchy texture of the bamboo shoots make a perfect match.

Sukiya "Eat Ra Menma Gyudon".

Prices including tax are (mini) 510 yen, (medium) 580 yen, (medium) 730 yen, (large) 730 yen, (extra large) 880 yen, and (mega) 1,030 yen.

Spicy Gomadare Eating Ra Menma Gyudon (

beef bowl)

Spicy Gomadare Eating Ra Menma Gyudon (beef bowl) with spicy gomadare (sesame sauce) is also available. Prices including tax are (mini) 560 yen, (medium) 630 yen, (medium) 780 yen, (large) 780 yen, (extra large) 930 yen, and (mega) 1,080 yen.

Sukiya "Spicy Sesame Sauce Eating Ra Menma Gyudon" (beef bowl with spicy sesame sauce)

The "Garlic Eater" is a


bowl topped with fried garlic and a fried bamboo shoots. Priced at (mini) 570 yen, (medium) 640 yen, (medium) 790 yen, (large) 790 yen, (extra large) 940 yen, and (mega) 1,090 yen, including tax.

Sukiya "Garlic Eating Ra Menma Gyudon" (Beef Bowl with Garlic Eating Ra Menma)


: 180 yen (tax incl.)

Sukiya "Ate Ra Menma" (single item)

Rayu (Chinese chili oil)

: ¥70 (including tax)

Sukiya "Rayu Single Item

Sesame sauce

: 50 yen (tax included)

Sukiya "Sesame Sauce" Single Item