Mos Burger & Cafe "Melted fondant chocolate with berry sauce" and "Hot chocolate milk tea

Luxurious cafe menu perfect

for winter at Mos Burger & Cafe Mos Burger & Cafe will offer new menus "Melted Fondant Chocolat [Berry Sauce]" and "Hot Chocolat Milk Tea" perfect for winter for a limited time starting November 16, 2012.

Melted Fondant Chocolat

[Berry Sauce] (eat-in only

) This sweet menu item features fondant chocolat topped with a generous amount of sweet and sour berry sauce and then topped with whipped cream. The bitter fondant chocolate and whipped cream are a perfect match, accented by the sweet and sour berry sauce. The ganache melts from the slightly warm fondant chocolate and the difference in mouth feel can be enjoyed. It goes well with coffee or tea, making it a recommended menu item for café time on a cold day.


Hot Chocolat Milk Tea

Mos Burger & Cafe's original "Royal Milk Tea" made with two types of tea leaves (lufuna candy) is combined with "Hot Chocolat" made with 70% cacao chocolate and topped with whipped cream and cookies. The bitter chocolate with a strong sense of cacao and the fragrant royal milk tea create a refreshing flavor that is not too sweet. It is also good to eat it while dipping the cookie, which is served separately.


New menu overview

Melting fondant chocolate [berry sauce] 380 yen (tax included, same below)
Melting fondant chocolate [berry sauce] drink set 590 yen
Hot chocolate milk tea 450 yen
Sales period: November 16 through late March 2023 (limited time only) (limited time only)
Sales outlets: 57 Mos Burger & Cafe outlets nationwide (as of the end of October)