Mos Cafe "Moss Yakiniku Rice" and Cupcakes

Mos Burger, a hamburger chain with stores all over Japan. Do you know the existence of "MOS CAFE" operated by Moss?

The store is a cafe created for "adults who love moss". Since there are only a few stores around Tokyo, many people often go to Mos Burger but don't know about cafes.

This time I visited Mos Cafe Omotesando. A chic appearance that blends into a fashionable city. Inside the store, which is illuminated by soft light, there are seats for one person or several people. Terrace seats are also recommended on sunny days.

Mos Cafe Omotesando
There is an entrance at the end of the stairs

In addition to the standard hamburgers, the menu includes original foods, sweets, and drinks. I ate a limited cafe rice because it was a big deal.

Grilled moss rice

A menu that combines grilled meat with raw vegetables such as lettuce and tomatoes. Finished with a fried egg. The price is 770 yen (tax included, same below).

Moss Cafe "Moss Yakiniku Rice"

When you wait with the number tag, it appears in a hot state. There is an appetizing scent. The tender meat is sweet and spicy, and goes well with the white rice hidden underneath. The plump white rice catches the umami that overflows every time you chew. It is best to break the fried egg and entangle the yolk on the way.

Moss Cafe "Moss Yakiniku Rice"
Sweet and spicy

Accented with crispy and fresh vegetables. It refreshes the mouth filled with a rich and strong taste. Excellent cafe rice that is delicious but not too heavy!

Moss Cafe "Moss Yakiniku Rice"
Eggs are also entwined with vegetables


Limited cupcakes are also available at Mos Cafe. Choose from two types of gorgeous cupcakes that decorate the showcase: "pistachio" and "tea and orange." The price is 420 yen each.

Moss cafe limited cupcakes

Pistachio is full of fragrant and mellow pistachio cream. The cream has two layers, and it spreads a deep richness while melting smoothly. It goes without saying that the flavorful dough of cacao goes well with the cream.

Moss cafe limited cupcakes
Relaxed and rich

Two layers of cream inside tea and orange. After the gorgeous scent of black tea, the sweetness of chocolate gradually increases. The popping acidity and bitterness of the orange on top tightens the taste. The toppings are rich in flavor, so it's a simple plain dough.

Moss cafe limited cupcakes
Healed by the scent of black tea

A moss cafe that can be used in various situations, such as when you want to eat well by yourself or when you want to take a break with your family and friends. Please enjoy the limited menu when you visit!