Sumikko Gurashi Christmas Limited Design Printed Cake" from Pre-Roll


Gurashi Christmas Cake

Pre-roll has begun accepting reservations for a "Sumikko Gurashi" Christmas limited edition printed cake design. The price is 5,508 yen (tax included, excluding cool delivery charge). Size is whole cake size No. 5 (15 cm in diameter x 7 cm in height). Limited quantity.

Sumikko Gurashi

Christmas Limited Design Print Cake

The characters of "Sumikko Gurashi" have become Christmas cakes. There are a total of five different cake designs to choose from. You can choose between "whipped cream" or "chocolate cream" for the cake with plenty of sweet and sour strawberries.

Pre-Roll "Sumikko Gurashi: Christmas Limited Design Printed Cake"

A special badge will be attached to each cake purchased. The badge will be the same design as the cake you choose.

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