Burger King "2koku (Nikotoku)

Burger King

will hold a "2 for 500" campaign from October 28 to November 10 for 14 days only. The campaign applies to "Whopper Jr.", "Whopper Cheese Jr.", and "Smoky BBQ Whopper Jr.

2-for-1 (Nikotoku) burger for 500 yen!

The "2-for-1 (Nikotoku)" campaign offers a special deal of 500 yen for two of three burgers. This year's lineup includes the "Whopper Jr.", "Whopper Cheese Jr.", and "Smoky BBQ Whopper Jr. The new "Whopper Jr." will be the No. 1 selling item (*), offering the taste of Burger King's royal road to greatness.

* No. 1 in sales of junior-sized burgers sold in 2022

Burger King Wappa Junior

You can freely combine two different kinds of burgers when you want a variety of tastes, or two of the same kind when you want to enjoy your favorite item to your heart's content. Also, for every two pieces (500 yen) purchased, one French fry (M) and one drink (M) are available for an additional 300 yen. Available for both in-store dining and To go.

Not available for pick-up orders or delivery.
Customization is not available. (Ingredient omissions due to allergies, etc., are still possible.)
Available after 10:30 a.m. at stores that offer morning meal service.
All prices are in total (including tax).
Sales hours differ depending on the store.
Sales may be temporarily suspended depending on store conditions.
Product design and prices are subject to change without notice due to campaign changes.
Some stores may not offer this campaign.