Burger King "2 Kotoku" Campaign

At Burger King, the "2 Kotoku" campaign will be held from May 14th to May 27th. A campaign where you can choose your favorite 2 products from the 3 target products and purchase them for 500 yen (tax included).

During the period, 3 products with a list price of 390 yen to 420 yen will be 500 yen (tax included) if you purchase two at the same time. The target products are the new product "Avocado Salad Burger", which is a limited-time product that combines creamy avocado with 100% beef patty grilled on an open fire, and Caesar dressing with crispy lettuce, and the beef patty is hidden by charred onions and red miso. "Teriyaki Wapper Jr." finished with flavored Teriyaki sauce and "Wapper Cheese Jr." with rich cheddar cheese. You may combine two of the same product.

It can also be purchased as a great-value set with French fries M and drink M for an additional charge of 300 yen (tax included) (total price 800 yen). To go is also possible.

2 Kotoku (Nikotoku) target product list

Avocado salad burger single item price: 420 yen (tax included)

Teriyaki Wapper Jr.
Single item price: 390 yen (tax included)

Wapper Cheese Jr.
Single item price: 410 yen (tax included)


* Pick-up order, self-order terminal, and delivery are not applicable. * Some stores do not handle this. * Sales after 10:30 each day * Sales time varies depending on the store