Ginza Sembikiya "Ginza Fruit Cheese Ice Cream
(All images of the store are from the official Ginza Sembikiya website)

It was announced on the official website that "Ginza Fruit Cheese Ice Cream" will be available from Patisserie Ginza Sembikiya. It will be available at the official online store from October 17. Delivery can also be ordered at stores. The selling price is 6,480 yen (including tax and delivery charge).

Ginza Fruit Cheese Ice Cream

Ginza Sembikiya "Ginza Fruit Cheese Ice Cream

This colorful parfait ice cream is made with rich baked cheese-like ice cream and fruit sauces. The sauces are said to have a concentrated fruit flavor and are available in four types: strawberry, melon, blueberry, and mango.

The ice cream is said to be made with a mixture of slightly sweet French Guerande salt and almond crunch to accentuate the flavor and give it a deeper taste.

The combination of fruit and cheese ice cream is said to be a delightful experience. The Palfrey ice cream tastes and looks gorgeous, and is suitable for gifts such as New Year's Eve. The product may not be available depending on the availability.