Japan Green Tea Center "Instant Hojicha Marron Latte".

Japan Green Tea Center will sell Instant Hojicha Marron Latte, which gives the luxurious feeling of eating a chestnut sweet. The release date is October 14. The content is 84g (2.96oz) and the price is 518 yen (tax included).

Instant Hojicha Marron Latte

Instant Hojicha Marron Latte" has an elegant taste with the aromatic flavor of hojicha and the gentle sweetness of marron, a perfect match for hojicha. By combining hojicha, which has become increasingly popular in recent years and has become a standard fall and winter flavor, with chestnuts, which are popular among women, a rich-tasting instant drink has been created.

Uji tea, one of Japan's three most famous teas, is characterized by its fragrant, rich, and full-bodied flavor. The Instant Hojicha Marron Latte is made with the finest quality of Uji tea, the most luxurious first-grade tea available. Enjoy the aromatic flavor of the hojicha tea that complements the marron.

The product package has a modern design that blends the essence of Japan and the West. The luxurious color scheme evokes the refined taste of Instant Hojicha Marron Latte.