FamilyMart "CoCo Ichibanya supervised cheese curry bun

FamilyMart has been selling "CoCo Ichibanya-supervised Cheese Curry Man" since October 4 as part of its "More Delicious" campaign, one of the five keywords it has been working on since last year. To commemorate the launch, a 20 yen discount on all Chinese buns will be offered from October 4.

CoCo Ichibanya Supervision Cheese Curry Man

CoCo Ichibanya Supervision Cheese Curry Man" was developed under the supervision of Coco Ichibanya, inspired by the taste of "Coco Ichibanya Curry with cheese topping," which is popular at Coco Ichibanya restaurants. This is the fifth time that Coco Ichi-supported Curry Man has been released.

The new "CoCo Ichibanya Supervised Cheese Curry Man" is a Chinese manjuu that is a perfect match of spicy, rich curry and the richness of cheese. In addition to the rich mozzarella, rich gouda, and steppen cheeses, the new product contains parmesan cheese. This time, Parmesan has been added to the mix. The result is a product where the richness and stretchiness of the cheese can be enjoyed even more. The price is 150 yen (tax included).

FamilyMart "CoCo Ichibanya supervised cheese curry bun

The product may not be available at all stores.
Limited quantity available.

For seven days only, from October 4 to 10, all Chinese buns including "CoCo Ichibanya supervised cheese curry buns" will be sold with a 20 yen discount (tax included).