Ministop "Light Corn Snacks".

Ministop will sell "Karuaru Corn Snacks". The release date is October 4. There will be two types: a rich "7 Kinds of Cheese Flavor" and a "Dashi Aroma Umashio Flavor". The price is 138.24 yen (tax included).

Karui Corn Snacks

The "Karui Corn Snacks" come in two flavors: a rich "7 Cheese Flavor" and a "Dashi Aroma Umashio Flavor". These corn snacks are non-fried and have a smooth texture.

Seven Cheese Flavor

These corn snacks are made with seven kinds of cheese: cheddar, parmesan, mozzarella, gouda, emmental, camembert, and cream cheese.

Umashio flavor with a hint of dashi (Japanese soup stock)

This mouth-watering corn snack is flavored with umami-rich Umashio (Japanese sea salt) flavor, which is made with kombu (kelp) and bonito dashi (dried bonito).