"Cheese Hatgu" Ministop

"Cheese Hatgu" is on sale at each Ministop store. The price is 237 yen (tax included).

Since 2018, MINISTOP has been selling popular drinks and hot snacks overseas, arranged for Japan. Among them, the popular Korean Ministop product "Big Dog", which appeared in January this year, became a big hit.

Introducing this time is the Korean-style hot dog "Cheese Hatgu," which has become a hot topic among young people in Japan. We have researched hatgu specialty stores in Japan and South Korea to realize the most popular and bumpy hatgu.

A hot snack with mozzarella cheese that stretches at the tip and juicy sausage at the base, so you can enjoy the deliciousness twice with one bottle. By adding glutinous flour to the dough and rough bread crumbs to the batter, the inside is chewy and the outside is crispy. The calorie is 360 kcal. Comes with tomato and coarsely ground mustard.

Ministop's "Cheese Hatgu" is a combination of stretchy cheese and juicy sausage. Why don't you try the deliciousness that is chewy on the outside and chewy on the inside?