Ministop "Corn Stick Rich Beef Ribs"

"Cornstick rich beef rib flavor" will be released from Ministop's "Yamitsu Kitchen" series. It will be available nationwide from December 29, 2021. The selling price is 108 yen (tax included) for To go.

Corn stick rich beef rib flavor

Ministop "Corn Stick Rich Beef Ribs"

With the concept of "addictive taste" and exciting sweets, this series is designed to be enjoyed as a snack or snack when spending time at home.

The crispy and crispy corn stick is seasoned with garlic powder and onion powder to recreate the flavor of garlic punch and the sweet soy sauce of onion. It is said that you can enjoy the authentic taste of yakiniku with the umami of beef and the flavor of charred fat.

The package has an impactful appearance and is devised so that you can feel the fun and fun as well as the taste. As for the selling price, a reduced tax rate of 8% is applied for To go, and a standard tax rate of 10% is applied for eating and drinking in the eat-in space, and the prices are different for each.