Burger King "Chicken Nugget Golden Cheezy

Burger King will sell "Chicken Nugget Golden Cheesey" for a limited time. The nuggets are filled with rich, thick cheese for a luxurious taste.

Chicken Nugget Golden Cheesey

Chicken Nugget Golden Cheezy is a side menu item that will be available for a limited time starting September 23. The juicy chicken meat is mixed with rich, thick cheese to create a flavorful chicken nugget.

Burger King "Chicken Nugget Golden Cheezy

You can choose one of two sauces: "BBQ sauce" with a rich, smoky flavor, or "honey mustard sauce" with a gentle sweetness and sourness. The chicken nuggets are said to be a "must-try" for cheese lovers, with a rich flavor that goes great with the burger.

The "Chicken Nugget Golden Cheesey" is priced at 270 yen for 5 pieces and 350 yen for 8 pieces (tax included). Sauce can be added for 30 yen per piece.

Some stores may not carry this item. Delivery service is not available.