nibbled butter ice cream

Akagi Nyugyo will release "Kaju Butter Ice Cream (1-pack)" and "Kaju Butter Ice Cream (5-pack)" nationwide. These ice cream products use Hokkaido fermented butter to reproduce the rich taste and unique flavor of butter.

Gnawing Butter Ice Cream

When it was first released in February 2021, it became a hot topic of conversation, especially on social networking sites, and sold far more units than initially expected. In recognition of its popularity, the product won the "Excellent Hit Award" at the 40th Food Hit Awards held by the Japan Food Journal in 2021.

On September 20, "Gnawing Butter Ice Cream" will make a comeback. It will be released simultaneously in single and multi-packs.

Biting Butter Ice Cream (1-pack)

nibbled butter ice cream

Contents 75 ml. priced at 162 yen (tax included). Energy consumption is 140 kcal.

Nibbled butter ice cream (5-pack)

nibbled butter ice cream

Contents 40ml (1.35us fl oz) x 5 bottles. Price: 410 yen (tax included), energy: 77 kcal per bottle.