Akagi Nyugyo New Ice Cream Product "Blissful Custard

Akagi Nyugyo New Ice Cream Product "Blissful Cust

ard" Akagi Nyugyo will release a new ice cream product "Blissful Custard" nationwide on May 16. The product has a capacity of 75 ml, type of ice cream, 137 kcal (per serving), and an estimated price of 173 yen (tax included).



"Blissful Custard" is an ice cream by custard lovers for custard lovers. The product was developed with the idea that custard cream, which is popular among people of all ages, could be enjoyed to its fullest.

The product uses "Eglo Royale," a special egg developed from the voices of pastry chefs, to create a rich yet refreshing taste. All the eggs used in this product are "Eglo Royale" eggs, created with a focus on the quality of the ingredients. In addition, "vanilla bean seeds" are added to give the custard an aroma that reproduces a more authentic custard flavor. The impressive packaging of the ice cream is a reminder that the custard is squeezed into the ice cream as it is.

Akagi Nyugyo New Ice Cream Product "Blissful Custard