Akagi Nyugyo "Nibbling Pistachio Butter Ice Cream
Nibbling Pistachio Butter Ice Cream

Akagi Nyugyo Gnawing Pistachio Butter Ice Cream

Akagi Nyugyo will introduce a new ice cream, "Gnawing Pistachio Butter Ice Cream", which will be available nationwide from February 21, 2023. The price is 216 yen per serving (tax included).


new "Biting Pistachio Butter Ice Cream " was released in February 2021 and became a hot topic mainly on SNS, and the En-Etsu editorial staff also conducted an actual taste review of the new product. The original "Kaju Butter Ice Cream" was chewy and hard, but when it melted in the mouth with heat, a rich buttery flavor spread out, giving it a thick, buttery taste as if you were biting into real butter.

According to Akagi Nyugyo, the new flavor also uses fermented butter from Hokkaido to bring out the unique flavor of butter. In addition, roasted crushed pistachios are mixed into the ice cream to accentuate the texture. Pistachio paste is also added. It has a volume of 75 ml and a calorie content of 134 kcal.