64g "Gyutto kokyuu garlic kalpas" from Yagai.

Yagai sells "Gyutto kokyu ninniku karpas 64g (2.26oz)" (64g (2.26oz)). The estimated price is around 300 yen.

Gyutto Dark Taste Garlic Kalpas

This is an even tastier version of the "Gutto Dense Aji Garlic Kalpas 64g (2.26oz)" released in March. It is made with three kinds of garlic: dried garlic, roasted garlic, and grated garlic to give it a more fresh garlic flavor. Black pepper is added as a secret ingredient to enhance the flavor of the meat and garlic.

The packaging has also been redesigned to be more impactful and easy to understand. A large photo of garlic is placed in the center of the package, making it easy to tell that garlic is used in the product.