(Image source: Kameya Mannendo official website)

Kameya Mannendo announced on its official website that "Pione Daifuku" will be available as a seasonal sweet treat from August 1 to 17. The price is 270 yen per piece (tax included).

Kameya Mannendo Pione Daifuku

The product features large seedless grapes of the "Pione" variety from Yamanashi Prefecture, which have been carefully selected and used as ingredients. The white bean paste is made from Hokkaido green beans cooked in the famous Hakushu water, and the rice dough is made from domestic rice and kneaded into a texture that is not too soft to match the Pione grapes.

One bite is said to be filled with rich, sweet and sour juicy juice and a refreshing aroma. The calorie count is 179kcal per piece.

Kameya Mannendo has both direct sales stores and mass sales stores, and the Pione Daifuku will be sold at the direct sales stores. For details such as the location and business hours of the direct sales stores, please refer to the official website.