Lotte "Drink Assortment Ramune

Lotte will release "Drink Assort Ramune". This assortment contains three types of Ramune that reproduce the taste of Suntory's popular drinks. The product is 50g (1.76oz) in weight and is expected to sell for around 140 yen (tax included). The product will go on sale on August 2.

Drink Assortment Ramune

A new Ramune that lets you enjoy the flavors of Suntory's popular drinks has been released. The "Drink Assortment Ramune" is an assortment of three different flavors: "Deca Vita C," "C.C. Lemon," and "Orangina. Contains 82% glucose (as hydrous crystalline glucose). Large capacity 50g (1.76oz) per bag. Zippered pouch for easy consumption at any time.

Lotte's "Drink Assortment Ramune" allows you to enjoy the flavors of popular drinks. It looks good to keep a bag in your bag. Enjoy the perfect summery, sizzling taste. Why not pick one up when you see one?