Morinaga Seika "BARIBORI Rumune [Grape Flavor]" "BARIBORI Rumune [Lemon Flavor]".

Morinaga Seika's "Morinaga Ramune" series, featuring 90% glucose, will release "Baribori Ramune [Grape Flavor]" and "Baribori Ramune [Lemon Flavor]" on June 21. The contents weigh 32g (1.13oz) and are priced at 140 yen (tax included).

Baribori Ramune [Grape Flavor] and [Lemon Flavor].

Baribori Ramune is a new product with a chewy sugar coating. When you want to feel refreshed or concentrate on your work or study, you can easily refresh yourself by crunching them. The uniquely pleasant crunchy texture is also recommended for chewing sound ASMR movies. It also contains 90% glucose, which is great for when you are working or studying hard.

Morinaga's "Baribori Ramune [Grape Flavor]" and "Baribori Ramune [Lemon Flavor]" will give you a unique texture that you will enjoy. They seem to be a good companion for work or study. Why don't you pick one up when you see one?