Mini-Stop "Taiwanese-style sponge cake with Nagano-produced Shine Muscat sauce".

FUN! FAN! SWEETS", "Taiwanese Sponge Cake with Nagano Prefecture's Shine Muscat Sauce" has been on sale at Ministop since July 25, 2012. The price is 325.08 yen (tax included).

Taiwanese Castella with Nagano Prefecture's Cheinmuscat Sauce

The eighth "FUN! FAN! SWEETS" item is the highly popular "Taiwanese Castella" with a luxurious Nagano-produced Shine Muscat sauce. The sponge cake dough is light and fluffy with a melt-in-your-mouth texture. It is generously sandwiched between a mousse flavored with Shine Muscat and whipped cream.

Mini-Stop "Taiwanese-style sponge cake with Nagano-produced Shine Muscat sauce".

The center of the sponge cake is filled with a refreshing Shainmuscat sauce. You can enjoy the flavor of the fresh, luscious muscats. Although it is a hearty dessert, it is easy to finish.


FUN! FAN! SWEETS FUN! (FUN! FAN! SWEETS) is a combination of the words "FUN" for the fun and excitement of tasting sweets and "FAN" to make you fall in love with their deliciousness, making you want to share them with others. We are particular about the generous volume and surprising texture that will fill you up to the core. We offer sweets that are simple but bring a smile to your face when you eat them, and give you a little joy every day.