KenElephant "Premium Fruit Miniature Collection

Ken-Elephant Fruit Miniatures

Ken-Elephant will sell miniature figures "Premium Fruit Miniature Collection". The price is 500 yen for a capsule and 550 yen for a box (tax included). Contents are random. You cannot choose.

Premium Fruits


Collection Delicious and special fruits from all over Japan are now available in a palm-sized miniature collection. The lineup can be not only displayed but also played with together with other miniature figures you have on hand, with a full range of accessories such as a small plate and a few fruits. This is a special miniature collection that you can display all year round, even after the season is over, and that you will want to send to someone.

The lineup is as follows (5 kinds in total).

1. Hiroshima Lemon (JA Hiroshima Kajitsu Renmei)
2. Shine Muscat Haruoh (JA Zen-Noh Okayama)
3. Crown Melon (Shizuoka Greenhouse Agricultural Cooperative Association Crown Melon Branch)
4. Miyazaki Fully Ripe Mango Taiyo no Tamago (JA Miyazaki Keizairen)
5. Sato Nishiki (JA Yamagata)