Bandai Candy Division "Kunatsu Pokemon 2"
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"Coonuts Pokemon 2" is on sale from the "Coonuts" series of cool nut-shaped candy toy collection figures that spin around. The price is 200 yen each (excluding tax).

This is a new format figure of a candy toy with a total height of about 4.3 cm based on the concept of "cool nuts that spin around". There are 16 types of designs, including 5 Eevee and its evolved Pokemon, and cute Pokemon such as Togepi and Pippi. Comes with 1 chewing gum.

Bandai Candy Division "Coonuts Pokemon 2"

The lineup is as follows.

Pikachu (wink), Eevee (Uruuru), Kodak, Pippi, Togepee, Vaporeon, Booster, Sanders, Espeon, Blackie, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Torchic, Pachirisu, Emonga, Dedenne.

Bandai Candy Division "Coonuts Pokemon 2"