Asahi Beer "Asahi Super Dry Draft Jockey Can
(Image source: Asahi Breweries official website)

Asahi Beer's canned beer "Asahi Super Dry Draft Jockey Can" will be on sale year-round from late July, the company announced on its official website.

Asahi Super Dry Draft Jokki-Can

This is one of Asahi Beer's "Asahi Super Dry" series. It is said to be characterized by the fact that it is a canned beer that can be enjoyed as if it were served in a restaurant's draft beer mug. The beer is said to have more foam, a creamy mouthfeel, and a fresh beer flavor that can be enjoyed in large gulps. It is available in 340ml (11.5us fl oz) cans. The alcohol content is 5%. The net alcohol content is 13.6 grams.

According to Asahi Breweries, since its launch in April 2021, Asahi Super Dry Draft Jokkikan has been sold in limited quantities every month since it was temporarily suspended because supply could not keep up with orders exceeding expectations. It is now available year-round.