Asahi Beer "Asahi Super Dry Raw Mug Can"

Asahi Breweries will release a new product, "Asahi Super Dry Raw Mug Can," on April 20th, which will make drinking at home more enjoyable and exciting, and will provide new value. It will be on sale from April 6th at convenience stores that handle alcoholic beverages. The price is open with a can of 340 ml. Alcohol content is 5%.

"Asahi Super Dry Raw Mug Can" is a product that naturally generates fine bubbles when opened, and you can enjoy the taste like barrel draft beer that you drink with a mug at a restaurant. When the lid of the can is fully opened, the scent of malt becomes easier to feel and the amount of liquid flowing into the mouth increases, so you can drink it like a "raw mug".

The foam that naturally occurs immediately after opening is finer than the foam that occurs when beer is poured into a glass from a normal can due to the special paint inside the can body. Will be maintained. The opened lid and mouth of the can have a double safety structure, which is the first to be used in beverage cans, so you can drink with confidence without fear of cutting your hands or mouth.