MegaHouse "Dokidoki! Drink Bar Anywhere".

MegaHouse will release "Dokodemo Drink Bar," a toy that can make original drinks. Drink Bar Anywhere" will be released in late July. The price is 3,278 yen (including tax). The main unit measures (W)185 x (D)125 x (H)245 mm.

Dokidoki! Drink Bar Anywhere

The "Dokodemo Drink Bar! Drink Bar Anywhere" is a new type of cooking toy that can be poured like a drink bar by simply attaching the special cap to a plastic bottle containing a drink, setting it on the main unit, and pressing the lever. The drink bar has two spouts, and if you set two different drinks in each bottle and press the lever at the same time, they can be poured from both sides at the same time for MiX. By simply replacing the special cap with a PET bottle, anyone can easily mix drinks one after another and enjoy making original non-alcoholic cocktails like "mocktails. Since it does not require a power source, it can be enjoyed at camps, barbecues in parks, and so on.

Depending on the shape of the PET bottle, it may not be usable.
The image may differ from the actual one.
Plastic bottles, drinks, and cups are not included.