Dismantling Puzzle Lite Part 1 "Garlic" and "Sea Urchin

MegaHouse will start selling "Kaitai Puzzle Lite," a new series of disassembly puzzles that has shipped over 600,000 pieces in total.

The first two puzzles, "Garlic" and "Sea urchin," are beautifully sculpted with realistic luster and unevenness, and the puzzle is exquisitely difficult to put in the correct position or the lid will not close. With the theme of "Play, Learn and Decorate," this new type of 3D puzzle offers exquisite difficulty, realistic shapes, simple yet interesting, and is ideal for collection.

Dismantle Puzzle Lite Garlic Puzzle

Difficulty level: Normal
Contents: 1 piece of skin (top), 1 piece of skin (bottom), 6 garlic parts
Each garlic part has a slightly different shape.
Price: 900 yen (excluding tax, same as below)

Kaitai Puzzle Lite Uni Puzzle

Difficulty: Hard
Contents: Shell (top) ... 1 Shell (bottom) ... 1 Sea urchin parts ... 5
Each piece of sea urchin has a slightly different shape.
Price: 900 yen

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