Megahouse "The Bears' School Jackie's Bread Making"

Megahouse will release "The Bears'School Jackie's Bread Making", a cooking toy that allows you to make authentic bread from the characters of "The Bears' School" in late November. The price is 4,500 yen (excluding tax).

The Bears' School Jackie's Bread Making

The pot of the main body does not scatter powder and you can easily make dough, and the tools necessary for making bread such as sticks and skippers are included in the set, so you can easily start making bread. In the attached recipe book, in addition to bread with character motifs such as "Jackie and David's bread" and "Jackie's round bread", "Pumpkin bread" and "Cream-rich Maritozzo style" appearing in the picture book "Jackie's bread yasan" A total of 8 kinds of recipes such as "bread" are posted, and you can make authentic bread with various arrangements. A cute design bread bag and stickers are also included for wrapping.

Megahouse "The Bears' School Jackie's Bread Making"

The contents of the set are as follows.

Pot ... 1 piece, bag ... 1 piece, template ... 1 piece, skipper ... 1 piece, bread bag ... 3 pieces, paper sheet ... 3 pieces, sticker ... 1 piece, recipe book ... 1 piece, instruction manual.

* Separate microwave oven and ingredients are required.