Garigari-kun: Hiyatto Game 4" from MegaHouse

MegaHouse will release "Garigarikun Hiyatto Game 4," a game of the very popular popsicle, Garigarikun, around late June. The price is 2,500 yen (excluding tax). The main unit measures W25 x D16 x H63 mm.

Garigari-kun Hiyatto Game 4

Garigari-kun Hiyatto Game 4" is an item that allows users to play a total of four familiar games, including Unbalance, Bubba-dachi, Stacking Balance Game, and Nervous Breakdown. There are 12 flavors in total. The same flavor comes in different patterns, so you can enjoy just looking at them. This is a game set that is sure to make you cringe. The set includes the following items

Ice cream (12 flavors): 2 each
24 ice bars
Hexagonal dice: 1
Flavor stickers and ice cream stickers: 24 each

MegaHouse "Garigari-kun Hiyatto Game 4" will make your home time more fun. It would make a great gift for "Garigarikun" lovers. Check it out!


The image may differ from the actual product.