Chocoball no Nakami [Smoked Cheese Flavor]" from Morinaga Seika Co.

Morinaga Seika's "Chocoballs" brand will release "Chocoballs no Nakami [Smoked Cheese Flavor]", which is just peanuts without the chocolate coating of the regular "Chocoballs [Peanuts]", on sale June 28. The content is 43g (1.52oz) and the price is 130 yen (tax included).

Chocoball no Nakami [Smoked Cheese Flavor

Chocoball no Nakami" was born out of a comment made at a manufacturing plant that "Chocoballs taste better before they are dipped in chocolate," and has been on sale for two years. Now, "Chocoball no Nakami [Smoked Cheese Flavor]" has been introduced to meet the demand for a perfect "snack" for this season, when beer tastes even better with the rising temperatures of early summer.

The crispy texture, cheese flavor, and smoky aroma of this snack are a perfect match for the outdoor camping boom and the popularity of smoked food itself. In addition, the flavor is further enhanced and enjoyed by slightly stirring it in a frying pan as a secret technique.