SUGURU: Price and content change for some products
(Image taken from the official website)

Suguru Price Revision

Suguru Co., Ltd. has announced that it will change the price and content of some of its products starting in March 2023.

Currently, in addition to the global surge in raw material prices, energy prices, logistics costs, and various other costs are continuing to rise. Despite our efforts to reduce costs as much as possible by streamlining manufacturing and cutting expenses, it has become difficult to maintain the existing prices. Under these circumstances, we have no choice but to revise the prices and content of the following products.

The number of products subject to price revision is 10. The rate of change will be 15-33%. The number of products whose content volume will be changed is 16. The rate of change ranges from 6.7% to 28%.

SUGURU: Price and content change for some products