Sukiya "Garlic Bud Gyudon" and "Double Garlic Gyudon

Sukiya will launch the summer staples "Garlic Bud Gyudon" and "Double Garlic Gyudon" on June 22 at 9:00 a.m. Sales are scheduled to end in mid-August. Take-out is also available.

Garlic Bud Gyudon

Sukiya's summer staple "garlic sprout beef bowl" is a very popular item that has a large number of fans among Sukiya's many limited-time-only toppings. The crispy garlic sprouts are mixed with "Sukiya's special umami spicy sauce" based on raayu (Chinese chili oil) and chopped garlic, and then topped on top of the beef bowl. The price for a regular portion is 550 yen (tax included).

Sukiya "Garlic Bud Gyudon" (beef bowl with garlic sprouts)

Double garlic beef bowl

The "Double Garlic Gyudon" is the same as last year's "Garlic Sprouts Gyudon" with whole fried garlic on top. The flavor from the garlic sprouts and the crunchy fried garlic can be enjoyed with a special hot and spicy sauce. The price for a bowl of rice is 600 yen (tax included).

Sukiya "Double garlic beef bowl

The dish will be available at 1,943 Sukiya stores nationwide (as of June 15, 2012).
This is a spicy product. People and children who do not like spicy food are cautioned.