Sukiya "Garlic sprout beef bowl"
Green and red contrast

I ate Sukiya's seasonal menu "Garlic Bud Gyudon". The texture of the garlic sprouts (stems) matches the texture of the fluffy sliced beef. However, the garlic scent is strong, so it seems better to enjoy it at dinner or on holidays than at lunch on weekdays.

The price is average 500 yen (tax included). A bowl of gyudon topped with garlic stalks mixed with a spicy sauce full of chopped garlic. The colorful contrast between the red pepper and the green stem is also appetizing.

Sukiya "Garlic sprout beef bowl"
The stems are firm and have a crunchy texture rather than crispy.

The stalk, which tastes more delicious as you chew, has a firm texture that should be described as crunchy rather than crispy. You can't swallow it well unless you chew it several times, but it has a different flavor from the bulbous garlic and is delicious.

For those who use chili oil and red pepper, the menu explains that it is "super spicy", but it is not so hard to eat, it is just to make thin slices of beef and garlic stalks spicy. It goes well with the onion and the sweet and salty meat.

Sukiya "Garlic sprout beef bowl"
It goes well with beef. However, the garlic scent is strong, so it is not suitable for lunch on weekdays.

Also, thanks to the firm stalks, the number of chews increased compared to the usual beef bowl, and the satisfaction after the meal was high.