Kentucky "Basil Lemon Twister"

Basil Lemon Twister" will be available at Kentucky Fried Chicken on June 1. In addition, "Pepper Mayo Twister" and "Teriyaki Twister" will be renewed.

Twister" is popular for its easy and well-balanced intake of meat and vegetables, and "Basil Lemon Twister" will join "Pepper Mayo Twister" and "Teriyaki Twister" as a new standard item on June 1.

Basil Lemon Twister

The Basil Lemon Twister is a new standard that consists of kernel crisps, lettuce, and a special basil lemon mayo sauce wrapped around a tortilla. The key to the flavor is the special sauce with the aroma of herbs such as basil and dill and the refreshing acidity of lemon. Garlic and avocado are added to give it an addictive rich flavor.

Kentucky "Basil Lemon Twister"

In addition, the "Pepper Mayo Twister" and "Teriyaki Twister" have been renewed for a more delicious taste. The carrot filling has been replaced with more lettuce for a crunchier vegetable taste.

The Twister is priced at 340 yen each individually, 690 yen each in a set, and 890 yen each in a box (tax included).