Daido Drinko "ELLE x Miu Soda Lemonade

Daido Drinko's new spring/summer drink, "ELLE x Miu Soda Lemonade," a collaboration with lifestyle brand ELLE, will be available at mass retailers and through mail-order sales on Amazon.co.jp and other retailers from June 6, 2012. Each 500ml (16.91us fl oz) PET bottle will be sold at an estimated price of 130 yen per bottle (excluding tax).

ELLE x Miu Soda Lemonade

Daido Drinko "ELLE x Miu Soda Lemonade

In May 2021, Daido Drinko created its first collaboration drink with ELLE, a women's fashion magazine founded in France by Hélène Lazareff in 1945, which was well received, and now Daido Drinko has prepared a second version.

The drink features a pleasantly carbonated taste with a moderate sweetness made with hand-picked lemon juice from Sicily. It contains naturally occurring sea minerals caught off the coast of Muroto, Kochi Prefecture, and a combination of plant-derived herbal and spice extracts. It is marketed as a beverage suitable for a quick pick-me-up.

The packaging is designed to be as uplifting as a fashion item. The simple white background with a textured lemon design expresses the world view of "ELLE.