Kentucky "Hot Lemonade"

Kentucky New Product: Standard Winter Drink

"Hot Lemonade" will be available in limited quantities at Kentucky Fried Chicken from November 9. This classic winter drink is made with Sicilian lemons and honey to give it a mild taste.




Mild taste of Sicilian lemon and

honey Hot Lemonade, a limited-quantity drink perfect for the cold season, will be available again this year at Kentucky. This KFC winter staple uses Sicilian lemons with a mild acidity, and the addition of honey gives it a mellow taste.

Kentucky "Hot Lemonade"

Hot Lemonade" has a moderate acidity and goes great with chicken. We recommend tasting it with chicken.

Hot Lemonade is priced at 240 yen (tax included).

The photo is for illustrative purposes only. A glass is not included.
This product contains honey.
Not available for delivery.
This product is not available for delivery.
The product is not available for delivery.
Some stores do not sell this product.