Kami Banana Paste" "Kami Banana Powder" Whole Japanese bananas

Oishi Kasei sells "Kami Banana Paste" and "Kami Banana Powder," a paste and powder that can utilize the popular domestic banana, Kami Banana, for processing. Prices are open.

Kami Banana Paste Kami Banana Powder

Kami banana is a rare domestic banana cultivated in Kawabe (temple), a place in the tropical island of Kagoshima that is famous for its 100 best waters, with "particular attention to water," "particular attention to land," and "particular attention to management. Bananas, a tropical plant originally unsuitable for cultivation in Japan, are cultivated using a special technique called the freeze-thaw awakening method, which allows them to be grown in Japan. They are cultivated without pesticides and can be eaten with their skins intact. As bananas with the ultimate taste and sweetness, they are currently very popular for mail order and as gifts.

Chemical-free domestically grown bananas are a delicate fruit that is extremely difficult to preserve and control, making it difficult to utilize all of them for fresh use. Oishi Kasei, a company that sells many agricultural products from Kyushu for processing, has utilized its know-how to propose to farms that they can utilize the rare Kami bananas without waste by using them for processing. The company has developed a paste and a powder in a business alliance to meet a wide range of needs for the premium fruit.

Kami Banana Paste is used in drinks, cakes, and other sweets. Kami Banana Powder" is recommended for adding banana flavor to protein, smoothies, and other products, and for differentiating Kami Banana products from others.