Bourbon "Jaga Bari Shio Flavor" and "Jaga Bari Consommé Flavor

Bourbon will release molded potato chips "Jaga Bari Shio Flavor" and "Jaga Bari Consommé Flavor" on April 5. Open price. Available at mass merchandisers, drugstores, retail stores, and kiosks.

Jaga Bari Shio Flavor

A simple salty flavor with the umami of kelp that goes well with potatoes. The saltiness of the dough is also carefully selected so that it does not lose its richness, and the taste is so irresistible that you cannot stop eating.

Bourbon "Jaga Bari Shio Flavor

Jaga Bari Consommé Flavor

A punchy consommé flavor with the umami of onion and vegetable extracts and garlic and other spices. Enjoy the addictive taste.

Bourbon "Jaga Bari consommé flavor"

The "Jaga-Bari" series is a series of potato chips with a thick dough surface that has been processed to create a mesh-like texture, which gives the chips a new texture that is crispy and hard to chew, yet melts in the mouth. In addition to the thicker dough and a strong potato flavor, these chips have a different crispy texture than conventional molded potato chips.

The fats used for frying are RSPO-certified oils, which contribute to solving various problems during the production of fats and oils by adding donations. We have also worked to approach sustainable development goals through our products. RSPO is the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil.