Lotte: "It's a pentagon now! Koala no March" (Koala March)

I've become a pentagon! Koala no March (Gokaku no March)

From Lotte's Koala's March series, for the first time, a pentagonal Koala March box will be sold from January 7. Koala no March" will go on sale on January 7th. It will be sold only at the Lotte Group's official online mall.

Koala's March is one of the most popular snacks to pray for success in school because "koalas don't fall out of trees even when they sleep. This is the first time in history to have a five-cornered package.

The package is specially designed with cherry blossoms in full bloom to welcome you to a wonderful new life in spring. Sold as a set of 10 boxes at a price of 2,700 yen (excluding tax and shipping).