Ueshima Coffee Shop "White Chocolate Milk Coffee".

Ueshima Coffee Shop will release White Chocolate Milk Coffee, Rum Raisin Milk Coffee with Grape Sansho, and Lemonade on January 24 (excluding some stores). Ends as soon as they are gone.

White Chocolate Milk Coffee

Last year, Ueshima Coffee Shop held a test sale of this drink at some of its stores, and it was so popular that it is now available at stores nationwide. The combination of the milk coffee and the original white chocolate cream made with fresh cream from Hokkaido and white chocolate from Belgium, served separately, gives the coffee a rich flavor. It is recommended to eat the rose-shaped white chocolate as is and enjoy the marriage with coffee. The price is R 720 yen (tax included, same below).

Ueshima Coffee Shop "White Chocolate Milk Coffee".

Rum Raisin Milk Coffee ~Made with Grape Sansho

The popular menu item released in December 2020 is now available again. Rum raisins and Ueshima Coffee Shop's signature milk coffee are a perfect match, with the rich aroma of rum raisins. The refreshing aroma of grape sansho is added as an accent. You can enjoy the changing aroma and flavor of the rum raisin milk coffee mixed with the grape sansho. Price: R 590 yen, L 710 yen.

Ueshima Coffee Shop "Rum Raisin Milk Coffee with Grape Sansho".


Lemonade, once on the grand menu, is back with an even better taste. Lemonade is made with Mediterranean lemons and honey from lychee flowers, and contains no flavors or colors. Not only the lemon juice, but also the sweetness is carefully selected to create a gentle, sweet and sour taste. The price is 520 yen for R and 640 yen for L (+20 yen for ice cream).

Ueshima Coffee Shop "Lemonade

Prices may vary at some stores.