New Starbucks Coke Frappuccino and Creamy & Sweet Milk Coffee


"Starbucks Cola Frappuccino" and "Creamy & Sweet Milk Coffee"

Starbucks has launched a spring promotion that presents a new world of retro American-inspired pop culture. Starbucks Cola Frappuccino" and "Creamy & Sweet Milk Coffee" will go on sale on Wednesday, March 15.

Starbucks Cola


This Frappuccino tastes like a cola float. The original cola flavor Frappuccino combines spice and lime flavors, and is topped with vanilla-flavored whipped cream that goes perfectly with it. This whipped cream is a typical Starbucks taste, with espresso adding coffee flavor and richness. Finally, it is garnished with a bright red cherry for a cheerful, hazy look.

New Starbucks "Starbucks Cola Frappuccino".

A slight icy graininess is left in the drink to create a refreshing feeling as if after drinking a carbonated beverage (no carbonation is used). This is a drink that allows you to fully enjoy the retro American-inspired, pop-inspired world view.

Tall size only. 678 yen to-go, 690 yen in-store.

Creamy & Sweet

Milk Coffee: Rich, thick, sweet, and milky coffee. Fresh cream and white chocolate flavored syrup are combined to create a rich flavor layer, and milk coffee, a combination of iced coffee, milk, and vanilla flavored syrup brewed in the store, is poured over the rich flavor.

Starbucks "Creamy & Sweet Milk Coffee

Topped with vanilla and coffee-flavored whipped cream, the different textures combine to create a three-layer pop look. Mix the milk coffee and whipped cream together while drinking for a creamier mouthfeel.

Tax included: To-go Short 540 yen/Tall 579 yen/Grande 624 yen/Venti 668 yen. In-store: Short 550 yen/Tall 590 yen/Grande 635 yen/Venti 680 yen.