Katsuura Tantanmen Rarayu Mazesoba Big Spicy" from Ace Coq.

Ace Coq will release "Katsuura Tantanmen Rarayu Mazesoba Big Spicy" on February 14th. The price is 240 yen (tax not included).

Katsuura Tantanmen Rarayu Mazesoba Large Spicy

Katsuura Tantanmen Rayu Mazesoba Dai-Spicy" is a Mazesoba version of the popular Katsuura Tantanmen Dai-Spicy, a local gourmet dish that is the pride of Chiba Prefecture. The crisp soy sauce sauce with the spiciness of bright red raayu and the sweetness of onions is entwined with the mouth-watering noodles. This is a dish that will make you feel as if you were eating there.

The noodles are smooth and firm with a round blade. The moderate seasoning accentuates the deliciousness of the noodles. The sauce is based on chicken and bonito, and the bright red raayu gives it a unique Katsuura tantanmen flavor. The spiciness of the sauce and the sweetness of the onions will keep you coming back for more. The filling consists of flavorful onions, textured soy bean paste, and colorful green onions. The package design expresses the world view of the Katsuura Tantanmen brand, with the word "Dai-Spicy" in a large, strong tone, which is the key point of the product, and the sizzle is designed to emphasize the deliciousness of the product.