New Butamen "Butamen (Umakara Seafood Flavor)".

New Butamen Butamen (Umami Spicy Seafood Flavor)

Butamen (Umami Spicy Seafood Flavor) is available for a limited time from Otsu Company as a limited time flavor of the Butamen cup ramen series. It has a content of 35g (1.23oz) and a noodle volume of 28g (0.99oz), and an estimated price of around 86 yen (including tax). It is available at convenience stores nationwide.


Butamen series was launched in 1993. The Butamen Butamen series was launched in 1993. The four flavors are designed to suit various occasions: the rich and creamy "Tonkotsu" flavor for those who are hungry after club activities or cram school; the spicy and stimulating "Curry" flavor for a nighttime snack when you want to go the extra mile; the simple yet deeply flavored "Shoyu" flavor when a bento is just not enough; and the "Tan Shio" flavor for those who want to eat with gusto. There are four different flavors to suit different occasions.

Umakatsu Seafood


The newly added Umakatsu Seafood Flavor is based on the delicious flavor of seafood, with a spicy kick added for a punchy finish. It is ready in three minutes after pouring hot water into the bowl.

New Butamen "Butamen (Umakara Seafood Flavor)".
Butamen (Umami Spicy Seafood Flavor)

New Butamen "Butamen (Umakara Seafood Flavor)".

The strong seasoning gives the butamen a junky taste. The spiciness comes after the richness of the seafood.

New Butamen "Butamen (Umakara Seafood Flavor)".

The spiciness comes after the richness of the seafood, but it is not extremely hot, so even those who do not usually eat spicy food can enjoy it. It satisfies the craving of "I want junk food! This is the "buta-men"! This is what butamen is all about!

The newest addition to the Butamen series, Butamen (Umashiri Seafood Flavor). It is only available for a limited time, so be sure to check it out as soon as possible.