Ringer Hut "Yuzu scented Chinese cabbage champon"

The winter seasonal menu "Yuzu scented Chinese cabbage champon" is now on sale at Ringer Hut. A cup of seasonal domestic Chinese cabbage and fragrant yuzu entwined in a rich chicken plain hot water soup. It is said that you can enjoy the change of taste with the special soup stock vinegar with plenty of umami. It will be available until the end of February.

Chinese cabbage champon with yuzu scent

Ringer Hut "Yuzu scented Chinese cabbage champon"

You can choose between a regular size with 200g (7.05oz) of noodles and a small size with 100g (3.53oz) of noodles. Regular is used 160g (5.64oz) so that you can enjoy plenty of seasonal domestic Chinese cabbage. Small contains 80g (2.82oz) of Chinese cabbage. The core is cooked well to give it a soft texture, and the leaves are cooked quickly to give it a crispy texture.

The soup has the same flavor of chicken gala as "Chicken Shirayu no Rich Champon", which was launched nationwide in December 2021. It is rich but has no peculiarity, and the refreshing scent of yuzu peel is added as an accent. In addition to this, kelp specially made by our own Kyoto factory and dashi vinegar with the umami of bonito are included separately. It is said that you can "change the taste" and enjoy it until the end.

As a general rule, it is handled at Ringer Hut nationwide, but it will not be sold at food court stores, Fukuoka prefecture, Nagasaki prefecture, Kumamoto prefecture, Okinawa prefecture stores, Nobuoka New City store, Niigata Kodo store, Saga Kashima store.

The selling price is 890 yen for regular (tax included, same below) and 690 yen for small. The amount of noodles can be doubled with an additional charge of 50 yen and doubled with an additional 100 yen. It is also possible to change to low-carbohydrate noodles for an additional 100 yen. You can place a To go order with an additional 30 yen container fee. In addition, the price of the delivery service is different.