Ringer Hut "Chicken plain hot water rich champon"
(The source of the image is Ringer Hut official website)

It was announced on the official website that "Chicken plain hot water rich champon" has appeared from Ringer Hut. It is handled only in Chiba prefecture.

Rich champon of chicken plain hot water

It features a soup with a tightly condensed flavor that uses chicken gala from Kyushu. Although it is rich, it has no habit and is launched as a dish that women can enjoy. It is said that you can enjoy a new taste that has never been seen before in Ringer Hut, which is characterized by its thick and natural sweetness. The calorie is 797 Kcal per cup.

The selling price is 790 yen (tax included, same below), 1.5 times the noodles will increase by 50 yen, and double the noodles will increase by 100 yen. Low-carb noodles are 100 yen more. In addition, "Chicken plain hot water rich champon small (men 100g (3.53oz))" with calories of 524 Kcal is also available for 650 yen.

All of them have toppings such as "Pirikara miso", "Poached egg", "Meat miso", "5 thin-skinned gyoza", "3 thin-skinned gyoza", "3 thin-skinned gyoza", rice (large serving free), "3 thin-skinned gyoza, half" It can be combined with side menus such as "fried rice" and "half-fried rice".