Freshness Burger “French fries increase campaign”

A French fries increase campaign will be held for a limited time at Freshness Burger. From January 14th to February 27th, the amount of various "French fries from Hokkaido" will be increased by 25%.

Freshness Burger French fries increase campaign

Freshness Burger “French fries increase campaign”

According to Freshness Burger, French fries have been suspended from sales at various stores due to delays in imports from North America, and there are voices of sadness on SNS such as "potato tross" and "potato refugees." This campaign will be carried out with the purpose of rescuing such people.

The potatoes of French fries from Hokkaido are made from "Hokukai Kogane" harvested at a contract farm in Hokkaido. The origin of the name is "Hokkaido" from Hokkaido and "Kogane" which is named after the beautiful yellow color. Although it is a variety that is packed with the deliciousness of potatoes, it has a nice aftertaste and a refreshing taste, and it is said to be suitable as a single item or as a side menu for hamburgers.

One potato is cut into 12 pieces and fried with the skin on. It is said that you can enjoy the crispy outside and the chewy texture inside. In addition, olive oil is blended in the frying oil, and it is said that the finish is crisp and the oiliness is reduced. Cooking starts after the order is placed, and you can receive the hot fried food. The campaign targets are as follows.

Single item menu-Hokkaido French fries R size
・ Hokkaido French fries L size set menu ・ Regular potato set ・ Premium potato set ・ Chicken set BOX

It is applied when ordering by eat-in or To go, and is not applicable to delivery and kids set. It can be used at Freshness Burger nationwide, but please note that zoos and stadium stores are excluded.