Yuraku Confectionery "Maico Almond & Berry" "Maico Walnut & Orange"

Yuraku Confectionery's new products "Maico Almond & Berry" and "Maico Kurumi & Orange" will be released in advance at Lawson on January 18th (excluding Natural Lawson Lawson Store 100). The price is 54 yen (tax included).

Maico almonds & berries

Maico walnuts & oranges

Yuraku Confectionery, which is familiar with Black Thunder, has mixed various ingredients into the Black Thunder series to express the texture and taste that make use of the ingredients. This time, a new chocolate bar product that utilizes Yuraku Confectionery's technology will be introduced.

"Maico Almond & Berry" and "Maico Walnut & Orange" have been developed as easy-to-eat chocolate bars where you can fully enjoy the texture of nuts and fruits. We are particular about the ruggedness of the material, and "Maico Almond & Berry" has a raw conversion of 76%, and "Maico Walnut & Orange" has a raw conversion of 58%. You can get a solid response and satisfaction.

Yuraku Confectionery "Maico Almond & Berry"

Finish with a semi-bitter chocolate coating. The taste of nuts and fruits matches the taste of chocolate, creating an elegant taste that even adults can enjoy.

Yuraku Confectionery "Maico Walnut & Orange"

A little size that can be eaten in about two. Perfect for filling your stomach during work or housework.